Turkey's Payment Method: Troy

We've completed all the Troy Turkey's First National integration with the payment method. Credit card, debit card and prepaid card is located in the lower right corner of a Turkish brand in the label section and method of payment. Turkey's Payment Method "Troy".

When you want to make purchases or withdraw money with your card from an ATM located in the lower right corner of your card, trademark, trade allows this huge brand behind it and has a technological infrastructure.

Turkey, which has achieved world standards in technology and security, took this platform name from "Turkey's Payment Method" and became "Troy" with abbreviations of Turkey: TR, Payment: O, Method: Y.

RFID UHF Card- Mapikart

Smart card production in addition to technological in line with our strategy to diversify our products, we said radio frequency identification RFID (radio frequency identification-RFID) in the field of technology, we have established a cooperation with a global company. Every object, living or inanimate, RFID is used in the identification and monitoring from a distance without touching. RFID technology is becoming prevalent rapidly throughout the world and in our country, and are used in many industries.

Retrieve information from RFID tags in the object store and can be programmed to send. The reader reads the tags that are placed on supply chain management with product-related information can be recorded automatically, or can be modified.

Automotive, fuel, Logistics, Retailing, agriculture, health, pharmaceutical, textile, Finance, Banking, energy, government, manufacturing, security, tourism and actively involved in wide application fields are widely used in various industries such as.

BAROKART - Mapikart

Mastercard Approved Crystal Card

With the cooperation of Türkpara, BAROKARTs were produced with Mapikart's patented 'Crystal Card Printing Technique'

We aim to offer value-added "innovative" solutions that will meet the needs and expectations of our customers and increase their service quality in all our products and services that we have given as Mapikart with the local company and brand consciousness. In line with this goal, our goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of our country in international markets and to provide added value for Turkey to have a greater share in world exports as the production base of Eurasia in high and medium technology products.

Dynamic Code - Mapikart

Dynamic Code Technology

This technology is automatically refreshed according to an algorithm that is loaded into the chip-embedded chip. With Dynamic Code, online transactions are secured in payment cards.